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The Beginning

Posted on Sun Jan 29th, 2023 @ 4:57am by President Sal Andolini

Mission: September, 2022
Location: Melrose Park IL
Timeline: Date 2022-09-01 at 0000

Sept 6, 2022

Today was a normal day, or as normal as one could expect, Sal was home, and in DC tourists were doing tourist things, including a group on the White House tour.

The guide, a young woman from the National Park Service was walking a group through the Executive Mansion while pointing out various interesting things. “...Over there is a painting of George Washington, that was saved from the 1812 burning of the White House….” They moved past a room that had a Secret Service team walking through on the way to a passage to the executive residence.

As the group walked through staffers would walk by a typical day. Suddenly, one of the agents paused, put his hand to his earpiece, and frowned. Then suddenly he broke the ‘no running’ rule and moved with surprising speed, his hand suddenly holding his Sig Sauer pistol. Other agents were also similarly armed, a couple had MP-5s and were clearing the corridor. The tour guide looked shocked but to a 10-year-old boy from Clovis NM it was pronounced: “... cool.”

In Melrose Park a small get-together was happening with friends, family, and neighbors, The only thing missing was his oldest child, Maria, who was off at Basic Training, in Paris Island SC, and she had not been happy with her father’s way of informing her of his new job when he sent her a letter on official US Congressional letterhead marked Office of the Speaker of the House, and an envelope from the Speaker’s office, though he did pay for postage. As she put it, “the DIs were on me like Bear on a dropped sausage..” The Husky/unsure, though some say wolf, mix was known to be on dropped food, while Juno the Lab/Husky mix was more sedate, and would amble over to obtain some snacks.

In the corner of the room was a TV, which had been on to some interview show talking about potential vice presidents and it had attracted the attention of a few of the guests, “Why not just ask you, Sal?” This came from Michael Garabaldi who handed him a beer.

“Wrong party Mike. They will want to get a Democrat in there. “

“Don’t see why it should matter?”

Sal shrugged.” That’s politics.”

There was more conversation when someone looked over at the TV, “Why is the White House on TV, and that’s a lot of guns.”

Sal looked over then waved Peter Garabaldi, on leave from his posting in DC, “Man the grill, keep an eye on the pasta.”

“Got it.”

Sal then headed over to the TV and paused, as the announcer explained that President Biden was at Georgetown Hospital after being found unresponsive this morning.

Sal waved Anthony over, “Get Mel over here, if she needs to make a statement, find where we can.” As he said that he switched out the beer for a soda.

“Got it.” Anthony looked at his friend, and boss, “If the worst happens, God forbid. I’ll get a judge rustled up, worst case, Geno Moltasanti is a Notary Public, he can swear oaths.”

Sal nodded and more guests gathered around the TV, What was a social gathering in the afternoon, turned to a vigil.

Suddenly the breaking news graphic popped up, and the anchor seemed to look stunned. Then she began, “CNN has just been informed….” She seemed to pause as if the magnitude of the news she was about to deliver kicked in.

“CNN has just been informed that today at Georgetown Memorial Hospital President Joseph Biden has passed away, after a sudden illness.” The rest of her comments were drowned out by shocked exclamations from the crowd and several of the older guests were praying.


It had taken a few hours to get the press pool assembled, and Mel changed in to a more appropriate shirt then one of her wife’s Chicago PD shirts, this one from the School patrol with the cynical phrase ‘you fal em we jail em’ so she had borrowed one of Connie’s shirts and headed down to make the first official statement, as a youtube link was provided to the reporters.

“Good evening. With the tragic events today, the passing of Joseph Biden, under the Presidential Succession act, Speaker Salvatore Andolini has assumed the office of President of the United States. He was sworn in today at 1:35 PM Central Standard time, by Geno Moltasanti an Illinois Notary Public duly commissioned to swear oaths. Shortly after he signed his first executive order declaring all flags at US government buildings and embassies overseas will be lowered to ½ mast. Also the full resources of the Military DIstric of Washington, are at the disposal of the Biden family for whatever funeral plans they so desire. President Biden’s coffin will lie in state at the US Capital Rotunda….” There was a pause, “Ladies and gentlemen, the President.”

Sal stepped up and the cameras flashed as he put on his reading glasses. “Folks I have a brief statement, at this time no questions.” He opened a sheet of paper., “Today I am called upon to take up, in circumstances I would not wish on any man. I would give anything to not be doing this, but I will say this, I know this is starting my term, this is continuing my friend Joe’s term. I will govern understanding my party was not elected to this high office, but I have been drafted to service to fill the term of a good man. Today I pray for Joe Biden and his family, that they find comfort in the love and friendship of this nation. That’s all. Thank you” He walked away from the podium and more cameras flashed.

The youtube link was the official swearing in, conducted in the backyard of a house in a suburb of Chicago, where the President, dressed more like a father enjoying his day off, a football jersey for Reggie White, the late Minister of defense, some cargo shorts and sandals with socks.


USMC Recruit Depot Parris Island
Platoon 4034

A blonde slight woman walked out to the squad bay. “Recruit Andolini report to your senior drill instructor NOW!”

A young woman bolted up the bay, she had just gotten her service blouse buttoned and came to attention, “Ma’am Recruit Andolini Reporting to the Senior Drill Instructor as ordered.”

“Have you heard any news today recruit?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Whast is your father’s job.”

“Ma’am This Recruit’s father is a Congressman for the State of Illinois”

“THat just changed.”

“Ma’am, this recruit does not understand.”

“Your father is now the President..”

Maria just looked poleaxed.


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