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College shutdown

Posted on Sat Feb 4th, 2023 @ 1:56pm by First Minister Lloyd Goodwin & Member of the Lower House Dylan Goldburp

Mission: September, 2022
Location: Crown Buildings, Cathays Park, Cardiff, South Wales, Wales, United Kingdom
Timeline: Date 2022-09-08 at 1237

Lloyd sat in a briefing room, staring at a screen surrounded by his employees who were all looking at the same screen. The Press briefing room in the Education department ran by newly appointed Minster Dylan Goldburp. Following the investigation into colleges promising seats in courses in exchange, students take another course that would have them receive more funding after Wales Online published its investigation.

"Here we go," Lloyd said, watching from his wheelchair across the table, Dylan Goldburp a very muscular man (that quite clearly used steroids in his life), the Member of the Senedd for Central Cardiff with A-levels in Dance, Physical Education and politics who worked as a Dancer for hirer and married to his (now) 73-year-old wife who was his High School Maths Teacher. Lloyd watched with his brown eyes as Dyan put down his speech on the podium and started with "Good Afternoon."

"As the public knows, Wales Online published an investigation into Neath Port Talbot Group of Colleges performing fraud due to lack of funds. I ordered a professional, educational investigation into their claims on the 2nd of September, and completed it yesterday... The claims are true. We have been in talks with the Counsel General and Minister of the Constitution, Magda Eichel who has verified my actions... We have disbanded the public governing body of the college temporarily and fired the President and Vice President of the College."

"Leadership officials have been referred to the local police force, South Wales Police and we will be re-activating the investigation not just to colleges but unis in Wales too. I have scheduled a meeting with the Home Secretary to discuss criminal proceedings. Thank you," Dylan quickly finished with a smile before he slipped away.

Lloyd barked orders at Russel, his Comms person "I want a poll report on this Russel." Lloyd was pleased with it; not only had Dylan followed his orders to the letter, but this could be the gateway to massive education reform. "Su (Chief of Staff), could we get Dylan in for a quick reward talk? Oh and find out when he is meeting with the Home Sec."


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