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"Her Majesty, the Queen has asked me to form a new govt in her name."

Posted on Wed Feb 1st, 2023 @ 7:40am by First Minister Lloyd Goodwin

Mission: September, 2022
Timeline: Date 2022-09-02 at 1130

Lloyd sat in his office, behind his desk going over his paper speech. Over and over, it was perfect. Su entered the room, her multi-coloured hair reaching down to her shoulders covered by her pink business jacket. "Ready Lloyd?" She asked with a smile across her face, he'd always enjoyed having her on his staff because she knows what the situation needs but gives it what it requires.

"As ready as I will ever be," Lloyd replied, wheeling himself around the First Minister's office, down the corridors of beige and outside the Press room where he paused listening to the room emerged in gossip, giving a slite nod to Su, she opened the door and Lloyd entered, reports still seated but photographers stood, cameras clicking and flashing as Lloyd took the centre of the state, behind the podium.

"Good, nearly afternoon." He remarked pulling himself up using the podium, easing the room with a bit of humour. "Her Majesty, the Queen has asked me to form a new govt in her name. I have accepted her invitation. I would like to thank Jane Dodds for breaking the Senedd deadlock, the first non-labour FM and the first female FM... My govt will fix the NHS, allowing not just the really need-it people but the-everyone people. Increase working standards and create more needed jobs for our youths who have left the Labour education system with nothing during covid. Thank you." Lloyd finished, sitting himself back down and quickly escaping the clutches of the press, retreating back to his office.

"Right," Lloyd spoke pulling himself behind his desk, knowing Chief of Staff Su Su was behind him. "We've made cabinet appointments already, everyone is on board expect Ffion, that bitch so just ya know, space them out when making it public." Su nodded, holding an iPad in her arms like it was a newborn baby.

"Healthcare first, stick with what we've been not-elected to do. Increase the budget to 13%, and get Magda in after you've made her public. Let's setup an inquiry into mental health during the covid-19 pandemic and increase NHS staff wages so they don't strike by the end of this year..." something clicked in his head. "Oh, I made Ffion Health and social sec... And I can't give it to someone else 'cause we're 7 people and it looks like I'm holding a grudge against her... Fuck everything, lets's floor Jane's 'Right to Rehabilitation' bill.

"Lloyd," Su said passing over to him her iPad. "WalesOnline has just launched their independent inquiry into Neath College about them offering A-level seats if people sat GCSE so the college could get more local funding... And they're saying it's true, my contacts in the BCC are going to run with it, meaning everyone else will run."

"Fuck," Lloyd scratched his forehead, the first day on the job and already a scandal. "Make Dylan's job public now then get him in here because we're going to have to inquire about this." Su quickly left the room leaving Lloyd alone with just his thoughts.


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