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Lloyd for FM!

Posted on Sat Jan 7th, 2023 @ 9:14am by First Minister Lloyd Goodwin

Mission: September, 2022
Location: Snedden
Timeline: Date 2022-09-01 at 1300

Now was it.

All eyes in the British isles were focused on Cardiff.

Because for the 2nd time, they would elect another LibDem into a minority govt.

Lloyd sat at the front bench in his wheelchair, with LibDem MS also in the front with Labour, Plaid & the Torys MS behind them. The press & public had been betting on how much MS would vote "Lloyd" for First Minister, Jane had 37 MS a number he'd never achieve but Lloyd could easily remember the battle that occurred last year that had everyone running.

Llywydd of the Senedd (President of Parliament) Elin Jones, the veteran MS who'd been the MS for Ceredigion since 1999, when Wales became devoted, sat at her perch "Good Afternoon," She spoke in welsh. "And welcome to this Parilmetly meeting to agree on a First Minister. We will start with an opening statement from Acting First Minister Goodwin, then we'll begin the vote." She finished by summing Lloyd with his name.

Lloyd grasped the oak desk, pulling himself up from his wheelchair itself was a battle to get past the chairs. "Thank you Llywydd," Lloyd said back to her in Welsh, just to acknowledge her, he wasn't much of a fan because of her selfless and power-hungry nature.
Looking at his prepared statement, at the top in bold red ink was "KEEP IT SHORT!" because Elin would make faces at him if it was longer than the allowed amount (1 minute), and that on BBC News was not wanted nor desired.

"I stand before you all not as a Member of this, the 6th Senedd. But as a Citizen of Wales," He roared in Welsh, trying to tactical plead to the Nationalists, Plaid Cymru. "We must make this quick, for our constituents." He said in English, appealing to Labour's get it over with nature. "And we will! recover from covid-19, repair the NHS, repair the Ecomancy and ensure jobs for all," Trying to get at least 1 Tory MS who'd believe him. "Lastly, I want to pay tribute to, Jane Dodds, my predecessor and friend for her dedication. Thank you" Making Jane's loyalists, the people Lloyd leads now.

As he finished, people banged their firsts down on the desk, the Welsh version of "HeRe HeRe!" in Parliament.

"Can we- Can-" Elin staggered then continued "Calm down, please?" followed by a brief pause once the room feel quiet "Thank you, the voting is now open." Lloyd pressed the green button stating he approves himself for FM, he sat with anxiety nibbling at him whilst the sound of button pressing when on around him.

"The vote is now closed," Elin said, looking down at her screen after the entire room finished. "With 1 abstaining (likely herself), the no's are 28, the yes are 31. Therefore the yes have it; This meeting is adjourned." Elin however could not be heard, the room abrupt into clapping hands, people on their feet celebrating.

Lloyd won.

Elin now had to write to the Crown regarding Lloyd Goodwin, having the support of the Welsh Parliament to be First Minister.


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