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Candidates for Welsh Liberal Democrats

Posted on Wed May 10th, 2023 @ 11:25am by First Minister Lloyd Goodwin & Cabinet Member Magda Eichel & Member of the Lower House Dylan Goldburp

Mission: September, 2022
Location: Pascoe House, 54 Bute Street, Cardiff
Timeline: Date 2022-09-14 at 1807

The yellow backgrounded stage was set.

The press was gathered, awaiting a bone to be thrown at them.

And the members awaited for their chosen to be in the running.

No one knew how many members put their names down to back 1 of the 3 candidates who sat in the front row with the other MS.

Lloyd sat in his wheelchair, in the aisle wearing a cropped white shirt and a pair of black jeans and Nike trainers, his husband and children sat behind him, in the row. Both knew the campaign trail would be long and tiresome but Huw always supported his husband, his weak trait.

Dylan sat in between Ffion and Lloyd, he was uneasy he wanted to be the leader of the party but currently the thought of his wife's health was on his mind. She had been complaining about pain in different areas of her body. Although it was agreed, the thought of losing the love of his life was too soon.

Meanwhile, Magda, leading the Dylan campaign sat before Dylan, all proud and mighty knowing her pawn would be declared a candidate. Allowing her to sell him to the highest bidder when he would be elected Leader in a few months' time.

Chairman Tim Sly stepped on the stage, the room erupted into clapping as he walked behind the podium, he stood for silence but waited with a smile until the room fell silent. "Good evening," In said in Welsh "Before I begin I would like to pay tribute to Jane," Then he pointed to her, sitting in the group, white as a ghost. "For her work as a LibDem and more importantly, as a leader of Wales."

Unravelling a flooded piece of paper he quickly reviewed it before saying. "The member votes cast for each person are as falls. Ffion - 136, Dylan - 1877 and Lloyd - 1867." Looking up at the people before he continued. "Dylan Goldburp and Lloyd Goodwin have been elected Leadership candidates. Thank you."

The room erupted in cheering and celebration. It was Dylan and Lloyd fighting for their vision of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Exactly 9 minutes transpired. Phones became a buzz, new agencies were reporting the Lib Dems. Lloyd withdrew his phone from his pocket, reading the brief statement that was being fed threw his phone.

"FM Goodwin & Ed Min Goldburp chosen candidates."


"Plaid Cymru Adam Price forced to resign immediately."


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