2nd Liberal Government

Posted on Sat Dec 31st, 2022 @ 9:41pm by First Minister Lloyd Goodwin

Mission: September, 2022
Location: Tŷ Hywel, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Timeline: Date 2022-09-01 at 1003

Lloyd entered Tŷ Hywel. The office complex had an entire floor dedicated to the Welsh govt with 5 others to Senedd business. Bypassing the security checkpoint, he was greeted by his Chief of Staff, Su Su an Asian woman with multi-coloured hair. "Moring, First Minster Goodwin," She remarked, yesterday Lloyd was a Minister now he was the Leader. Wheeling himself along the grey and red carpet, into the First Minster's office space he replied "Morning. Right" he entered his office, so much more space than his old office just down the hall. Parking his small wheelchair beside the light blue sofa, he jumped onto it, and around him was his team.

A large, elderly man with an oxygen tank on wheels beside him connecting to his nose who looked like he was in 90's despite being in his 90s was Russel Martin, someone who was forced into WWII when National Service was enacted, wearing formal grey trousers, a white button shirt with a wholly jumper over it. Russel Martin served as Director of Communications, despite no Uni degree he still worked as DC for business to politicians.

Wearing a button shirt and black formal trousers was Ziya ad-Din Hussain. An Arabic man who was built like a bodybuilder, despite being only 23, working as Lloyd's personal assistant. Making sure he had the right speech memorised before stepping in front of the press and suggesting last-minute word changes, always holding a large leather bag like he was going on a holiday and sometimes the red briefcase that came with the job of First Minister.

Su Su closed the door behind her, wearing a simple yellow dress and an iPad in her left hand, Lloyd liked the 4 people team made it feel like an operational team, Su operated as his Chief of Staff but sometimes as the Numbers person, checking polls and using tactics to increase the polls.

"Morning," Lloyd said with a smile "Right, dissolve Dodds ministry first thing. Get Dylan in here first, Magda next, Igor then Pëllumb and Ffion last. Oh, Russel, "Lloyd passed, grabbing a folder passed to him by Su "Tell the press, I don't want a First Minister apartment. I'm happy with my flat shared with my family and my protection detail in the janitor closet across the hall."

Russel, sensing Senedd's business was coming up decided to make his exit "Right," he said sluggishly "I'll feed the zoo, I'll need time for when you want to talk to the zoo animals and what topics you want to bring up." By now Russel had gripped the handle on his oxygen tank and edged closer to the door.

"Yeah, I'll have Ziya tell you," Lloyd said looking down at the folder but by the time he looked up Russel had exited faster than Brexit had. "Oh, these are the people who are 100% yes goodwin? 18 is more than Jane had isn't it?" Lloyd asked rhetorically, leaning into the sofa. "So that's 6 MS from the other party then. Right, we'll kiss Plaid, say I'll give them free school meals that should make us limp over the 30 needed... No, we'd get 10 leaving us at 29." Scratching his curly locks, stress now got to him

"We'll just go through Labour, set target goals for 10,000 more junior doctors and nurses. Don't worry, we have this... Just never needed to rely on other parties before." Su said, Ziya jumping into the conversation, "Your acceptance speech, black jeans, shirt and suit jacket won't appeal to the Torys either, so maybe a full suit? How about that navy blue one? I can have Huw & Hannah (Lloyd's husband and daughter) drop it off at lunch, the voting is at 1?"

"That would be perfect Ziya, thank you," Lloyd said with a smile as he watched Ziya also depart from his new office with just him and Su left in the office. "Right, Ministers. Social Justice is going for a bloody start. Everything is going back to where it was. Ffion, I'm still pissed off about that wheelchair joke in front of the press and school kids last year so she's leaving Finance, the environment and Chief Whip, straight into health, I'm calling it Health & Social Care."

Lloyd stopped to breathe and to let Su keep up with her note-making most importantly. "Magda, for her support, Finance, Chief Whip and jeeping Legal. Igor, that crazy Russian can stay on the Economy but I'm giving him employment from Dylan, also a new title. Growth, getting our GDP up, Pëllumb out of Snedded leader, that egg joke was deadly bad, he gets local, transport and environment. Dylan, because he married his then 40-year English teacher can get Education, after Kirsty in Drakeford's govt we need their confidence. Throw in welsh language and Senedd leader too."

The stage was now set, and the lights were lit. All Lloyd had to do now was convince them to take their new jobs without fighting back. Because if they fought back, they could say "No" to his nomination in the Senedd.