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Midnight debate

Posted on Wed Mar 15th, 2023 @ 9:48am by First Minister Lloyd Goodwin

Mission: September, 2022
Location: Baxter-Goodwin Residence, Uplands, Swansea.
Timeline: Date 2022-09-09 at 2230

Lloyd lay in his bed his head on the pillow, having just been carried to bed by his husband, it was something the couple did when Lloyd was adjusting to a wheelchair after getting attacked a day after they eloped now it just became normal, Lloyd would come home from Cardiff to cook on certain days with his security detail following his car up the M4 then server his cooking to his husband and children, Huw would lift him out of his wheelchair into the dining table, being a former Marine Commando, Lloyd's weight was a feather.

Yesterday was terrible despite starting mediocre. The 5th First Minister of Wales, the first female and the first non-labour politician, Jane Dodds who resigned her office because of her health still carrying on in her role as party leader, died from chronic fatigue syndrome. The party President of the Welsh Lib Dems, Tim Sly had to organise an emergency meeting to prepare the grounds for leadership. Each candidate needed a minimum of 20% of party members to be considered and they only had a week to do it with Dylan Goldburp and Ffion Merrick announcing 1st and 2nd with Lloyd being the 3rd to announce.
Lloyd was a strong ally of Jane, her passing brought tears to his eyes.

Ffion will be easy to defeat. Regardless of her being Transgender, it was the Disablism comments she made when Education Minister, Lloyd shot himself in the foot because they only had 7 MS (now 6 due to the passing of Jane) and made her Minister for Health and Social care just barely making it look like he was punishing her to the media. She is literally the titanic in heels and a skirt. The Brecon LibDem group wouldn't pick her in the next election.

Dylan is a valuable asset, so young but so full of life. He is the successor of Ffion in the Education dept and Magda (now his campaign manager in the Senedd business (who serves as Finance Minster, Chief Whip and Law Adviser in Lloyd's govt). He was liked by the public just because of how muscular he is. But Dylan was going to become the party leader despite being a radical in the centre.

The polling for inside the party had Dylan at 37% with Lloyd's 43% and Ffion's 1% but those 19% "Don't know" will be hard to collect., with everyone trying to get it, the party saw Lloyd as a "strong ally of Jane" who "would act as Jane would" the party would have gone with a Council Leader but with the party in govt now, they couldn't go back to the old ways now.

Regardless of who is elected leader, Lloyd will still remain as First Minster but be the leader's lapdog.

A hand came whizzing past his face, followed by the words sweet as honey. "Lloyd? Lloyd?" it was his husband who sat beside him and was ranting about train delays or something, Lloyd had drifted into his own world. Lloyd came round, "Sorry...Work," Lloyd said, placing his head on Huw's shoulder. Huw wasn't into politics so it became a rule, not to talk about it which included work but Huw encouraged him to become a local councillor when Lloyd was forced to build a new world. And it did work, his recovery was much faster.

Huw expressed interest in having a child a month after Lloyd was elected, both discussed and Lloyd wanted a child too. It was a journey, but the couple had Tyler Baxter-Goodwin. "It's okay," Huw said placing his head on top of Lloyd's curly brown hair and bopping his nose. "Jane's death, party leadership... You're exhausted, I know what that feels like." After leaving the Marines, Huw who had a degree in nursing got a nursing licence and worked in the hospital, despite having different careers Huw knew how his husband felt. His right arm came up and around Lloyd "Come on, tell me. I'll listen." Huw said.

A smile crept across Lloyd's face, he really did love Huw despite not agreeing with himself, forcing him into a marriage with someone he liked just not loved, Cupcake Junior. "I'm not going to win this, Ffion won't get the minimum needed. Dylan and his radical policies along with his richy rich manager Magda, they'll easily scoop this up... Then I'll be his bitch, because if I resign then the Senedd will have to vote for someone to be FM, he won't keep the promises me and Jane made to them so Plaid and Labour will join up... Be a bitch or destroy my country?"

"Hmm. Tough call." Huw replied trying to think of something. "Disband Senedd." Lloyd's head turned, looking up at Huw in disbelief. "Look that way, you destroy Wales on your own terms."

It wasn't the worst idea Lloyd had heard, it took him a moment to think, and suddenly, their bedroom door swung open and entered their daughter, Hannah. Lloyd just opened his arms, welcoming her in with love. "Did we wake up?" Huw asked, kissing her on her head and then swinging his arms around both of them.


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