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The Nation endurs

Posted on Thu Feb 16th, 2023 @ 4:28am by President Sal Andolini

Mission: September, 2022
Location: Various locations
Timeline: Date 2022-09-01 at 0000

“We’re now live to discuss the unique swearing-in for President Andolini.” The now infamous tape of Sal taking the oath in a Reggie White jersey, a pair of old cargo shorts and old sandals with white tube socks, the official, was his wife’s cousin’s son, who was a Notary Public, and a law student, who had an amused conversation with Justice Sotomeyer for final instructions, then the oath.

“Is this even legal?” Was the bemused host’s question to the Legal expert, who was more used to discussing car chases or the latest celebrity arrest..

“Absolutely, the State of Illinois allows Notaries to swear oaths, and the oath can be given by any qualified official…..”


=A Nation mourns as a president lies in state=

Washington DC (AP) The coffin of Joseph Biden lies in state at the US Capital rotunda where he had served Delaware for many years as their Senator. While an Honor guard made up of all 5 services stands watch.

President and Mrs. Andolini paid their respects, giving a grieving nation the first look at their new President. The 47th President seemed to say a silent prayer, and stopped to speak to people in the crowd…..


The neighborhood had been shaken up when what was referred to as the circus. Several of the residents were what was euphemistically phrased, “men of respect’ which was nice phrasing for made men in the Chicago Outfit, most retired. They seemed to all come out to take their coffee when the police, then the media showed up. There were a few incidents, where, a CNN stringer tried to film close to the Andolini residence, and instead of Secret Service agents, it was 90-year-old Sylvia Roselli, a neighbor who went after the reporter with a broom demanding he get out of her tomatoes. All was smoothed over with the purchase of new tomato plants, assistance planting them, and an agreement for the reporters to stay out of her garden..


The networks had given the time freely, though the location was the gym of a nearby high school instead of the oval office.

Sal walked up to the podium, and paused as the lights shined and the teleprompter showed the speech. He then began.

“When our nation last lost a President, his successor Lyndon Johnson stood before the Congress and People and said, All I have I would have given gladly to not be standing here. I echo that sentiment. Our nation lost a gifted public servant and selfless champion of the people, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, has been laid to rest with his family, and our nation mourns.”

He paused and looked at the next page, “I understand that this change has also changed the party that sits in your house. I will remember, that this is not my Presidency, brought out by electoral victory, but instead is a continuation of the path directed by the American people when they elected President Biden to this high office. I promise you today, that I will serve with that understanding.” He turned the paper speech.

“This great nation has been battered by tragedy and we have endured, growing stronger. I will report to you the business of the nation, as this office is a sacred trust, held not for one person, but for the American People. Today to again quote that speech, Let us move forward. Thank you.”


MCRD Parris Island.

The squad bay contained 60 young women standing straight and tall yelling out the new chain of command starting with their Senior drill instructor and then ending with the President of the United States.

On the hot seat this time was Maria who had been called to the center to recite the command, and she did ok then she got to the last name.

“Ma’am the President of the United States the Honorable Joseph…..” Too late, the knife hand was out and the sharks had their prey.

“Holy shit recruit you don’t know the president, you don’t know the name of the Commander in Chief. How…How do you not know.”

“No Excuse.” Was all she could say

“That man raised you to be this disorganized soup sandwich before us, and you do not even remember his name?!”

It would be a long day.


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