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Death of a First Minister

Posted on Sat Feb 4th, 2023 @ 3:29pm by Cabinet Member Magda Eichel & Member of the Lower House Dylan Goldburp

Mission: September, 2022
Location: Crown Buildings, Cathays Park, Cardiff, South Wales, Wales, United Kingdom
Timeline: Date 2022-09-08 at 1300

Dylan has just finished his speech, addressing the nation but his only hope now was that Westminister keeps out of this, given a LibDem govt was in control that was asking much. He was asked to see, Lloyd for a quick chat before he had to get back to business. Dylan had respect for Lloyd, he was a great leader with ideas of his own.
Walking down the grey everyday office corridor, turning a corner to the First Minister's office he saw a familiar person, a manly figure with curly blonde hair wearing custom designer clothes. Magda Eichel.

"Dylan," were the words that left her mouth, "I doubt you've heard..." Magda reached into her pink leathered Aphrodite bag on her right shoulder, pulling out her personal iPad 4th gen opened on a BBC news article titled "Former FM Jane Dodds Dies." showing it to him she continued. "...Jane is dead Dylan."

Dylan's jaw dropped open, taking his phone out of his pocket and opening the BBC news up, with the article in question being the first article to show on the phone app. "What... What happens now?" Dylan put his phone back into his pocket. "Leadership election yeah?"

Magda immediately put the iPad back into her bag "You run for leadership Dylan," Magda explained "Lloyd will be a frontrunner but with me as your campaign leader. We will win our people in the Senedd. We will win the rest of the members. Lloyd will have no choice but to stand down, and if he doesn't, we will force him out." Magda was now in his face, hand on his upper arm. "Appoint me as the party chairwoman. I will bring billions to the party, for me and you."

Dylan liked the sound of becoming the 7th First Minster, but wasn't it too soon? was the question rushing into his mind over and over again. "Look, Magda. It's too soon to be already thinking about this. I mean, Jane is only just dead have some respect."

"We must move now!" Magda snapped back "Tell me now. Because everyone else is moving and if you don't tell me now. I can't make you First Minister."

So many thoughts were rushing through Dylan's head, should he or won't he? "...Yes," Dylan replied. "Let us rule Wales together."

Magda had a huge grin across her face, she got what she wanted now, a pawn to control and sell to the highest bidder. "Go to Lloyd, act normal. I will deal with everything else." She then quickly took off, her hair bopping up and down as she energetically walked away.


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