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Member of the Lower House Dylan Goldburp

Name Dylan II Johnathan Hector Otis Goldburp

Position Other

Rank Member of the Lower House

Character Information

Full Name Dylan II Johnathan Hector Otis Goldburp
Nickname Gold
Gender Male
Nationality Welsh
Age 20
Date of Birth 16-07-2000
Sexuality Hetrosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Blue


Spouse Elizabeth Goldburp, 73
Children Jordon Gibson, 47 M (Step-son)

Calvin Gibson, 39 M (Step-Son)

April Young, 35 F (Step-Daughter)

Father Dylan I Goldburp, M 48
Mother Penelope Green, F 47
Brother(s) Jackson Goldburp, M 26

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dylan is a Loving person, he is straightforward with people but also impersonal. His ego can be described as patronizing and he is typically described as a fair leader with manners as chivalrous. Still, he can be irresponsible, he can be sympathetic to people and his intelligence can be described as genius. Generally, Dylan is a calm, fast-paced man.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Active
+ Capable

- Power-hungry
- Corruptible
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies
Working Out


Civilian Record

Civilian History Dylan grew up in council housing with his mother and father who argued entirely until their divorce in 2013 along with his brother, Jackson.

Attending Secondary School, Dylan was a part of the Ruby team in 2012 and was quite social with teachers describing his intelligence as a genius, his Maths teacher, Mrs Elizabeth Gibson (whose husband passed in a freak accident some years ago) kept him back however after class for more work. After a confrontation over Algarbra, with her face near Dylan's, he kissed her on the lips and they got together in the supply closet. It was weird, being with an older woman. They both ignored and forgot about it, or at least tried. Dylan stayed back about 3 weeks after and expressed his love for her. She fought back but after 1 ½ years, she agreed to date her student in secret.

Once Dylan had left for college, she still had to keep it secret but the couple slowly opened up to friends and family who were either disguised or in shock. Also in college, Dylan aspired to be a dancer, taking physical education to stay in shape and politics because it was a subject that interested him.

Once 18, Dylan left college. Becoming a self-employed dancer in 2018, at which point he proposed to Elizabeth who accepted, he went on to inform his parents who were also discussed and embraced, kicking Dylan out of their home and disowning him. Which didn't bother him, he knew he was welcomed at Elizabeth's house. The couple got married in 29-12-2018.

Desperate for work, Dylan asked anybody for work as a Dancer, either on stage or for parts, people got annoyed and informed the police who arrested Dylan for soliciting only to keep him for 24 hours.

By 2020, Dylan had membership with the Liberal Democrats and volunteered as a campaigner for them. He ran to be selected for the MS for Cardiff Central, a tight race which he nearly lost.
During the 2021 election, his big mouth caught the attention of the public who elected him as their Member of the Senedd.
Educational Record 2016 - 2018
Cardiff and Vale College
A2 Dance, A-level Government & Politics and A-level Physical Education
Civilian Employment Record 2018 - 2021
Self-Employed Dancer
Criminal Record (Public Info)
149 arrests for soliciting
No charges pressed

154 arrests for soliciting
No charges pressed

Military / Spy Record

Electoral Record

Political Office 2021 - Present
Member of the Senedd for Cardiff Central

2021 - 2022
Minister for Transport & Minister for Health

2022 - 2022
Minister for Education & Welsh Language and Leader of the Senedd


Car(s) Red 2011 Mini Convertible
(Bought second-hand in 2017)
Phone(s) Heavily cracked sliver iPhone 11 Pro


Political Ideology Radical Centrism
Political Spectrum Centre
Status in legislature Minority

Political Party

Party Name Liberal Democrats