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President Sal Andolini

Name Salvatore M Andolini

Position President of the USA

Rank President

Character Information

Nickname Sal
Gender Male
Nationality American
Age 58
Date of Birth May 6 1964
Place of Birth Chicago IL

Physical Appearance

Height 6'02
Weight 235
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Spouse Constance Marie 'Connie"' Andolini, maiden name Abruzzo Married 21 years: Occupation: Teacher, Middle school Science
Children Maria Andolini Daughter 22
Lorenzo Andolini Son 12 7th grade
Pietro Andolini Son 6 Kindergarten
Father Anthony "Tony Snacks" Andolinni 80 Retired owner of Tony's Sausages and Italian Beef stand. Former Associate of Chicago outfit under Anthony "Joe Batters" Accardo, Known for Bookmaking and Numbers Running. Left in 1982 due to narcotics trafficing and prostutition making a larger impact, he felt it was too risky and was unacceptable to be involved in that work.
Mother Alessandra Andolinni Maiden name Romano: Homemaker
Sister(s) Maria Andolini RN (DECEASED 1992)
Other Family Assorted, nephews, cousins and other relations.


2 Cats,Mixed Breed tabbys, Rocco and Moose
2 dogs, Husky/lab mixes, Juno and Bear, (Bear has some large fluffy thing also mixed in, not sure what)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Externally he appears to be a bit slow, he made several verbal ticks and stumbles That have earned the nickname 'Salisims' but this personality hides a keen mind and a surprisingly savvy political operator.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies include cooking, reading, and writing, usually op-eds and speeches, though he does have a keen interest in history especially political history

Civilian Record

Civilian History Born in 1964 at Prentice Women's hospital in Chicago IL, Sal Andolini grew up in Melrose Park. His father had normally never talked about his job, but the young man found out earlier that his job was bookmaker/loan shark for the Chicago outfit.

After High School he left home and in a fit of youthful rebellion was soon on the Memphis wrestling circuit where he had a solid midcard career until the pressure to use steroids and growth hormones forced him out, where he found a Marine recruiter and soon enlisted.
Educational Record 1982- Graduated High School
1992=1994: BA Loyola University Chicago, dual major in History and Political Science
1994-1997: JD Loyola University School of Law
Civilian Employment Record 1982-1986 Memphis Wrestling alliance: Mid card wreslter under several characters, last and most popular was Italian Stallion, where he won the heavyweight championship and tag team with a wrestler known as Chief Running Bear.

1986-1988: Construction and various odd jobs, Memphis
1997-2002: Assistant States Attorney, Cook county: Chicago IL

Military / Spy Record

Military / Spy History Deployed in service to Operation Desert Storm, where he was awarded the following decrations

Silver Star, Purple Heart, Navy/Marine Corps commendation medal, Gulf war Service medal, National Defense Service Medal, Combat action ribbon.

in 1988 he joined the Marines and was shipped off to Basic training, his job was Infantry where he was selected for a role as a machine gunner.

in 1990 his unit was deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Shield. When the hostilities started, Operation Desert Storm his unit was involved in the push in to Kuwait city.
Military / Spy Service 1988-1992 US Marie Corps 0331 Machine Gunner

Electoral Record

Political History 2002- First elected to US Congress 4th district of Illinois after winning the Democratic primary. As the incumbent, he was considered an effective legislator and consensus builder he ended up in a leadership role as a midwestern regional whip and senior member of the house Foreign relations committee. He also served on the Intelligence committee



Political Ideology Business conservative
Political Spectrum Moderate conservative
Govt Type Democratic Republic
Status in legislature Minority

Political Party

Party Name Republican