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First Minister Lloyd Goodwin

Name Lloyd Goodwin

Position First Minister of Wales

Rank First Minister

Character Information

Full Name Lloyd Goodwin
Gender Male
Nationality Welsh
Age 33
Date of Birth 25-12-1989
Place of Birth Singleton Hospital, Singleton, Swansea, Wales
Sexuality Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Spouse Girl in a jacketHuw Baxter (M, 34)

Former Captain in the British Marine Corps, Huw worked as a Commando Officer for 3 years and 11 months before being honourably discharged. 2013, he was employed as a Nurse at Singleton Hospital at which point he got in touch with his ex-lover Lloyd Goodwin who he found out was seeing a woman, they continued seeing each other romantically in private despite Lloyd's girlfriend when she proposed to him, he tried to change his mind but failed to do so, sneaking into their wedding saying he was Lloyd's faithful lover, Lloyd left said girlfriend at the alter and they both got eloped.

4 months after they eloped. Huw expressed interest in having a child, after debating it, it was settled, Huw would donate his sperm to be implanted in Lloyd's twin sister, who'd carry the child. However, on patrol, Lloyd was assaulted. Huw was already at the Hospital working, he spent every lunch break beside his husband. He helped Lloyd with rehab and encouraged him into politics as it was one of his interests.

Currently, Huw is a stay-at-home father, taking care of their 2nd child. Huw has plans to return to Nursing.

Children Girl in a jacketCorey Alllen (M,19) - Is the unofficial son to Lloyd Goodwin. At the age of 6, Corey Goodwin was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, by the age of 13, he was considered strong but following the death of his mother, Nora Allen to breast cancer made him stable-ish and a year later the loss of his best friend, Ryan Sneddon to brain cancer made him unstable, he spent the reminded of his teenage life in and out of mental hospitals. 16, after graduating school and leaving yet another NHS mental hospital, Corey became unstable again and the fragile relationship with his father ended. Their relationship is still estranged.

Tyler ap Huw-Lloyd (M,5)

Hannah vch Huw-Lloyd (F, 3)
Father Josh Goodwin (M, 66)
Mother Tracy Goodwin (F, 67)
Sister(s) Dr Kacey Goodwin (Twin), F 33 - Attended Cardiff Uni where she achieved an undergraduate degree in Law, aged 21 she went on to achieve a Master's degree in Law at the University of Manchester. By 22 she went on to Oxford where she achieved a Doctorate of Laws by the age of 25. Kacey then became a Royal Airforce Officer, by age 29 under the rank of Wing Commander (which she held for the past year) she transferred to the RAF Legal Branch however as of 2022, she has been promoted to Group Captain and ordered to assume command of RAF Ascension Island.

Kacey is single and dedicated to her career. She has agreed to carry all her Lloyd's children however her duties take her across the Overseas Territories, limiting her to seeing her nephew and niece.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lloyd can be a dark and twisted person, getting to the goal by any means required. He can look sweaty and innocent, he likes to talk but he enjoys serving the people more.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength

Little legislative knowledge
Ambitions Stay in power

Civilian Record

Civilian History Lloyd was conjoined with his Twin sister at the pelvis. They would later be separated when they were at the age of 2.

Slept with Nora Allen at a party when he was 13, she later became pregnant and after 7 months, Nora confronted Lloyd about it being his, he thought she was joking and agreed to a paternity test. It was his.

‘05 Lloyd goes to Gower college and studies A-level criminology, Economics & Government and Politics.

‘07 Attends the Open Uni and studies BA (Honours) Law and French

‘10 Joins South Wales Police as a Police Community Support Officer

‘13 Begins to date PC Cupcake Junior, at the same time, Huw Baxer gets into contact with Lloyd (they were sexually active in high school), Lloyd spends time with him.

‘16 Cupcake purposes to Lloyd, he accepts

‘17 during the wedding Huw, spoke out against the marriage, saying Lloyd wasn’t happy with her but he was happy with him. Lloyd leaves Cupcake at the altar and elopes with Huw afterwards.

After 4 months later, Huw wanted a child, Lloyd agreed with him and asked Kacey to be the siragate.

In 2017, Lloyd was attacked during duty by an alcoholic he had asked to stop abusing women in the park. The drug dealer withdrew a knife and stabbed Lloyd in the lower spike, making him unstable to walk.
Educational Record 1993 - 2000
Ysgol Gymraeg Bryn y Mor
Nursery & Primary Education

2000 - 2005
Bishop Gore School
Secondary Education

2005 - 2007
Gower College
A-level criminology, Economics & Government and Politics.

2007 - 2010
Open Uni
BA (Honours) Law and French
Civilian Employment Record 2005 - 2010
Various 1 month Waiter careers

2010 - 2017
South Wales Police
Swansea City
Police Community Support Officer

Military / Spy Record

Electoral Record

Political History Lloyd ran as a Lib Dem Councilor and was elected, 4 months later he ran for the mayoral election and was elected by the council, serving his full non-renewable term.

Huw wanted to have another child, but Lloyd disapproved but agreed with him, they reached out to Kacy and she agreed to be their surrogate once more.

Later he would go on to contest Swansea West, he was defeated but subsided enough votes to gain a regional seat.

Following the minority govt, Lloyd was appointed as the Minister for Social Justice, local affairs & growth. A year later, following Jane’s resignation, Lloyd was asked by Jane to take over for her as First Minister, and he accepted. But following her death, Lloyd had no opposition for Party Leader, but he disapproved of the deadlock, so she stalled the leadership election which triggered a snap election, afterwords he formed a newer govt.
Political Office 2003
Ran for independent Youth MP for Swansea West
Elected as Youth MP, age 14

2003 - 2005
Youth MP for Swansea West

Did not run for re-election, age 16

Ran for Liberal Democrat Swansea City Councilor for Uplands

2017 - 2021
Swansea City Councilor for Upland

Ran for Swansea City Mayor

2020 - 2021
Mayor of Swansea

Ran for Liberal Democrat MS for Swansea West
Defeated but gained a regional seat
Resigned as Swansea councillor for Uplands

2021 - 2022
MS for South Wales West

2021 - 2022
Minister for Social Justice, local affairs & growth

2022 - Present
First Minister of the Welsh Govt

2021 - Present
Leader of Welsh Liberal Democrats (unopposed)

2022 - Present
MS for Swansea West


Car(s) Red Ford Focus 2000 (Second Hand)
Bought in 2008
Phone(s) Cream Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3
Pay Monthly with Tesco Mobile
Other Küschall Champion Wheelchair


Political Ideology Democratic liberalist
Political Spectrum Centre
Govt Type Democratic
Status in legislature Minority

Political Party

Party Name Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru (Welsh Liberal Democrats)
Political Spectrum Centre to Centre-left
Ideology Liberalism
Social liberalism