As the world begins to exit the Pandemic, the leaders of the World must deal with pressing issues. Climate change, covid vaccination or maybe a challenge to their leadership...

Last year, the Welsh Labour & Tory party fell from grace in the Senedd general election as Lib Dems regained their old seats. But that created a deadlock, the talks of a majority died soon after. Jane Dodds broke that deadlock, she formed a minority govt with just 7 people.
April 2022, people questioned her health "Doesn't she look tired?" In September she stood down as First Minister but not as Leader of the party, appointing her ally, Lloyd Goodwin as First Minister. But September is when she passes away.

Across the pond, Nancy Pelosi's husband was assaulted, and having no alternative she resigned as speaker and from the house to take care of him. Kamala Harris resigned the office of Vice President because of a breath cancer diagnosis. Congress leaders met to agree on a safe Speaker in Salvatore Andolini. While President Biden was vetting candidates for Vice President, he was found on the floor in his residence he was rushed to Georgetown Memorial Hospital... Where he would be declared dead.
With no Vice President, Speaker Andolini assumes the Office of President.

Out of the dark depths of Southern America, a phoenix rose from the ashes, appearing in Russia, staking a claim that she is the true heir to the Russian Empire, DNA tests confirmed just that she was a decedent of Tasr Nikolas I. Putin accepted her challenge, calling a by-election, with the nation under embargoed for their war in Ukraine, the people wanted a change and so Anya Petrov became the first Female President of Russia and soon to be the last President of Russia... But why didn't Putin rig it in his favour?

Nations is a 2-2-2 simm, anyone with political understand and age 16+ are permitted to apply

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» Replacemetns

Mission: September, 2022
Posted on Sun May 28th, 2023 @ 1:52am by President Sal Andolini

Mellissa Harris moved in to the now vacant director of the communications office until they could pick a new press secretary, she decided the best thing would just to wear both hats. The former occupants both resigned, so she was getting settled in.

In another part of the White House…

» Dissolution

Mission: September, 2022
Posted on Mon May 22nd, 2023 @ 9:38am by First Minister Lloyd Goodwin

"Good afternoon and welcome to this plenary meeting, first item on our agenda will be questions to the First Minister." Were the words uttered by the Llywydd of the Senedd, Elin Jones. "The First Minister has requested to make a statement. First Minister," The chamber was filled with whispers, this…

» Heart Attack

Mission: September, 2022
Posted on Tue May 16th, 2023 @ 12:29pm by Member of the Lower House Dylan Goldburp

Dylan was in his Senedd office, as Leader of the Senedd he had to devise schedules and whatnot. It had been some weeks before he was proclaimed a candidate for Lib Dem Leader. Today, he received a call on his mobile phone, the number was private but it told him…

» Candidates for Welsh Liberal Democrats

Mission: September, 2022
Posted on Wed May 10th, 2023 @ 11:25am by First Minister Lloyd Goodwin & Cabinet Member Magda Eichel & Member of the Lower House Dylan Goldburp

The yellow backgrounded stage was set.

The press was gathered, awaiting a bone to be thrown at them.

And the members awaited for their chosen to be in the running.

No one knew how many members put their names down to back 1 of the 3 candidates who sat in…

» Gourmet Pandering

Mission: September, 2022
Posted on Thu Apr 13th, 2023 @ 7:17am by President Tomás Garcia Cardoso

Just under two hours on a military plane hadn’t done much for Tom’s nerves, but he had certainly got some time to catch up on those pesky side-tasks he had been putting off. The presidential candidate spoke on the phone with several donors, tackled scheduling with a staffer, and perused…