As the world begins to exit the Pandemic, the leaders of the World must deal with pressing issues. Climate change, covid vaccination or maybe a challenge to their leadership...

Last year, the Welsh Labour & Tory party fell from grace in the Senedd general election as Lib Dems regained their old seats. But that created a deadlock, the talks of a majority died soon after. Jane Dodds broke that deadlock, she formed a minority govt with just 7 people.
April 2022, people questioned her health "Doesn't she look tired?" In September she stood down as First Minister but not as Leader of the party, appointing her ally, Lloyd Goodwin as First Minister. But September is when she passes away.

Across the pond, Nancy Pelosi's husband was assaulted, and having no alternative she resigned as speaker and from the house to take care of him. Kamala Harris resigned the office of Vice President because of a breath cancer diagnosis. Congress leaders met to agree on a safe Speaker in Salvatore Andolini. While President Biden was vetting candidates for Vice President, he was found on the floor in his residence he was rushed to Georgetown Memorial Hospital... Where he would be declared dead.
With no Vice President, Speaker Andolini assumes the Office of President.

Out of the dark depths of Southern America, a phoenix rose from the ashes, appearing in Russia, staking a claim that she is the true heir to the Russian Empire, DNA tests confirmed just that she was a decedent of Tasr Nikolas I. Putin accepted her challenge, calling a by-election, with the nation under embargoed for their war in Ukraine, the people wanted a change and so Anya Petrov became the first Female President of Russia and soon to be the last President of Russia... But why didn't Putin rig it in his favour?

Nations is a 2-2-2 simm, anyone with political understand and age 16+ are permitted to apply

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» Home Cooking

Mission: September, 2022
Posted on Tue Jan 31st, 2023 @ 6:19am by President Tomás Garcia Cardoso

Tourism in Rio de Janeiro had been on an eternal upswing since they hosted the world cup. Despite COVID-19 a few years before, people were pouring into the coastal city for one event after another, like the Rockin' in Rio concert series that brought hundreds of thousands of shirtless young…

» The Beginning

Mission: September, 2022
Posted on Sun Jan 29th, 2023 @ 4:57am by President Sal Andolini

Sept 6, 2022

Today was a normal day, or as normal as one could expect, Sal was home, and in DC tourists were doing tourist things, including a group on the White House tour.

The guide, a young woman from the National Park Service was walking a group through the…

» Setting the Stage

Mission: September, 2022
Posted on Sun Jan 29th, 2023 @ 4:56am by President Sal Andolini

Washington DC was in full swing one August day. It had been quite chaotic with Vice President Kamala Harris resigning after a breast cancer diagnosis; Now the attack on the Speaker’s husband had been the talk of the town.

Today there was some talk and Anthony Dipaolo came up, compared…

» King of Brazil

Mission: September, 2022
Posted on Fri Jan 27th, 2023 @ 7:39pm by President Tomás Garcia Cardoso

Reboucas Avenue was busy at this time of day as many Brazilians returned home from work. Though the typical work day ended at 6:00pm, many people were out and about doing chores and visiting family and friends. Despite the liveliness outside, the inside of the armored black Jaguar XJ car…

» Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

Mission: September, 2022
Posted on Wed Jan 25th, 2023 @ 6:47am by President 宋 梓睿 [Sòng Zǐ Ruì]

Sòng ZǐRuì sat silently in the armchair, leg crossed, eyes focused squarely on the two men chatting across the room from him. Normally tranquil this time of year, the Great Hall of the People was now a frenetic bustle of meetings and whispers. Five days ago, his greatness, Xi Jinping…